I Just Want To Be Happy
ArmyTinyX :3
ArmyTinyX :3 Acum 3 ore
When Jay spoke about how The nerd got the Teacher fired and was helping her murder, also how he’s like “Say it all together with me guys 1 2 3” I said That’s Bullshit instead of What a twist-🤡 I legit thought he was gonna say that-
Charli Axel
Charli Axel Acum 3 ore
Me and my dad would go to McDonald's All the time after the movies
Lovie Pena
Lovie Pena Acum 3 ore
11:05, the students we're waiting to go in the school and there was a man watching the students, we didn't notice until a teacher did, they told the office and told us to get inside the gate, we ended up have a lockdown drill and I was wondering, if we had this drill because of that man.
male karens worst enemy
male karens worst enemy Acum 3 ore
Lohl old vid
Gameboy Mastery
Gameboy Mastery Acum 3 ore
0:44 2 toxic 4 me
phantom killer087
phantom killer087 Acum 3 ore
19:30 Stop it. 25:00 Me too 32:37 he came out
Crystal Lyons
Crystal Lyons Acum 3 ore
Principal: i must confess im- Me: I MUST CONFESS, I STILL BEILIEVE, AND IIIII
MOOSEIE 12 Acum 3 ore
Ruto wanted to see his love getting shocked by the fountain
miles acosta cracker
miles acosta cracker Acum 3 ore
Seriously I thought the girl was a gut sliced deer corpse I was gonna say HOLY SHiT THIS ISNT FAMILY FRIENdLY
Sad life Life sad
Sad life Life sad Acum 3 ore
Jay didnt do anything their just thinking wrong stay safe jay ✨
traequan williams
traequan williams Acum 3 ore
He needs to make What A Twist Merch
Ayano _xox
Ayano _xox Acum 3 ore
They are talking about megami
Pink _Stevenx
Pink _Stevenx Acum 3 ore
*Everyone Else:* Its Kuchisake-Onna *Me:* COOCHIESAKE-ONNA
annie cruz
annie cruz Acum 3 ore
I will download and try this game and I will try to find myths
noel tuguinay
noel tuguinay Acum 3 ore
Jay this is a tip: click the sun at breaking the prison it do something "sneaky escapist ending'
Grandall Randall
Grandall Randall Acum 3 ore
Teruteru's picture is crossed out with the fork and knife I just can't
pc wewe
pc wewe Acum 3 ore
pc wewe
pc wewe Acum 3 ore
pc wewe
pc wewe Acum 3 ore
• M Ø C H I I •
• M Ø C H I I • Acum 3 ore
Honey Shane
Honey Shane Acum 3 ore
Omg were both sick🤣.When i saw this video i was like i better prepare all my tissue🤣🤣🤣
Honey Shane
Honey Shane Acum 3 ore
R.I P my tissue's
Tips for the day jay: Jump before you attack I mean jump then while mid air and swing your sword to crit mobs and animals Tip from a Minecraft player.
LEGOmAs3r21 The 1st
LEGOmAs3r21 The 1st Acum 3 ore
Girl in pic story: this is for you Annabel Me: what was the dad like (me imaging the dad at a concert like setting) “This dic pic goes out to Annabel”
•ꜱᴍɪᴘ ꜰᴏʀ ᴊɪꜱᴏᴏʏᴀʜ•
•ꜱᴍɪᴘ ꜰᴏʀ ᴊɪꜱᴏᴏʏᴀʜ• Acum 3 ore
Can u follow senpapi?
ItsMeLarky! Acum 3 ore
Anyone else bored in quarantine and just wanted to watch sorta old Kubz Scouts videos?
Fat Cats
Fat Cats Acum 3 ore
Be safe Jay ❤️❤️❤️
• Vibely •
• Vibely • Acum 3 ore
Petition to have Jay play it if it updates:D
Chërýł Acum 4 ore
When I saw the title I kinda squealed 👁👄👁
Kertian Bahian
Kertian Bahian Acum 4 ore
Alam ko Hindi mo to na iintindihan pero mahal na mahal ka namin jay idol ka namin pagaling ka hah🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Summer Willfall
Summer Willfall Acum 4 ore
Do you have to make me cry? 😭😭😭😭
Kertian Bahian
Kertian Bahian Acum 4 ore
Pagaling ka idol mahal na mahal ka namin😭🥺💖💖💖💖
JacKoTack Acum 4 ore
0:20 CrackedJay
JacKoTack Acum 4 ore
4:24 yes i wanna be in there unless the glass doesnt break cuz that'll suck
hcneydel Acum 4 ore
spoilers for udg are my danganronpa fans literally not gonna talk about that the movie poster is komaru from udg? cmon now even i didn't notice that--..
Ricky Clay
Ricky Clay Acum 4 ore
Yeah I know that mask does go to the Cheri she took out the ring something where what happened to mask this photo green beetle manimal brings
Ayla Malkav
Ayla Malkav Acum 4 ore
i just noticed the udg poster in the theatre
shinchin paje
shinchin paje Acum 4 ore
Get well soon Jay :(( (Also, I suggest five nights in Jollibee if u want a horror game;) )
lee yang
lee yang Acum 4 ore
Imagine if your parents named you after the letters that showed up on their sreen after slamming the keyboard
ismail pekmic
ismail pekmic Acum 4 ore
Rip that dude
Sophia Lauren Samonte
Sophia Lauren Samonte Acum 4 ore
jay: ohhh i have to keep press- yanchan: *kills herself* jay: O O P S me: JHHAHAHAHAUHAUHGSDIGDIG
Annika Rivera
Annika Rivera Acum 4 ore
Pesos is from the Philippines cuz I'm a filipino. And still "EVERYBODY BETTER BUCKLE UP, CUZ HERE WE GO!" Never gets old, Lol haha 😁
ihaveatot Acum 4 ore
2:00 - 2:01 what the literal fuck? I’ve never seen a man’s face change so quickly (look at Jay’s face). LOL that could also apply to Tony the Tiger
•ꜱᴍɪᴘ ꜰᴏʀ ᴊɪꜱᴏᴏʏᴀʜ•
•ꜱᴍɪᴘ ꜰᴏʀ ᴊɪꜱᴏᴏʏᴀʜ• Acum 4 ore
Miranda Harris
Miranda Harris Acum 4 ore
jay:i'm not laughing at the dead kid *laughs more* i'm laughing at at at idk *laughs more* me: literally dying inside
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Acum 4 ore
Jay: I want a tiger to stroke me like that *Sir this is a McDonald's parking lot-*
Samuel Plont
Samuel Plont Acum 4 ore
Damn, this whole video is JUST JUMPSCARES and yet the one at 7:58 actually got me anyways
Sean Ablaze
Sean Ablaze Acum 4 ore
why im always late
Manga Acum 4 ore
Kobe’s proud of you.
Halcyon Terror
Halcyon Terror Acum 4 ore
you carried it, Jay, dayumn!
Alexandra Gregana
Alexandra Gregana Acum 4 ore
Dang this is perfect for this Halloween dayyy happy Halloween everybody!!
Aroha Downie Maaka
Aroha Downie Maaka Acum 4 ore
Thi Le Pham
Thi Le Pham Acum 4 ore
plz go back to playing Ace Attorney plz
Kiryu Morelikedoesn’tkillatall
Kiryu Morelikedoesn’tkillatall Acum 4 ore
Big Vivian Drawer
Big Vivian Drawer Acum 4 ore
I got the same sickness as you yesterday
James Fulford
James Fulford Acum 4 ore
Who else is watching this at 3am and Jay is still more scared than you are?
Chantelle Visitacion
Chantelle Visitacion Acum 4 ore
Who else said bullshit instead of what a twist 😂
Spade Popovich
Spade Popovich Acum 4 ore
Eyy try playing minecraft with mods
Skeptical Cliffy
Skeptical Cliffy Acum 4 ore
Well yeah im actually waiting for you playing minecraft again
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin Acum 4 ore
I hope you get better Jay also your that dude!
Twinkling Star
Twinkling Star Acum 4 ore
7:21 I got bambozzleddd .... I thought we were gonna say "BULLSHITTT" damnnn....but I kinda sus the nerd from the part where the gang pulled the knives on the girls.... one guy had the same hair color...
Meleo Meleo
Meleo Meleo Acum 4 ore
That dude is sick:(
Addison Hawes
Addison Hawes Acum 4 ore
Nobody gave that woman the right to be that fast
•Bøba_ Angxł•
•Bøba_ Angxł• Acum 4 ore
Am I the only one who heard She was doing murders of karens?😂
J Miller
J Miller Acum 4 ore
I'm very creeped because it's Halloween and I'm watching this at 2 am and I have headphones so when the lady was saying do you know me it kept switching sides
vulpes rex
vulpes rex Acum 4 ore
That doctor was like I'm fast as fuck boi!!
Chloe Cruz
Chloe Cruz Acum 4 ore
That Dude really loves us and would still post for us even when sick, we stan.
Maricel Mace
Maricel Mace Acum 4 ore
I was also a bit sick this week but now I'm getting better 😊
Star Whitfield
Star Whitfield Acum 4 ore
im watching this at 3am but Help...
Lil rat
Lil rat Acum 4 ore
Dimple Gaonkar
Dimple Gaonkar Acum 4 ore
Please play pacify.....
Cloud McWaterVapor
Cloud McWaterVapor Acum 4 ore
That first one is just plain weird
wiltedbricks Acum 4 ore
omg hope you feel better!!
Jordan Grooms
Jordan Grooms Acum 4 ore
same hope does to
ismail pekmic
ismail pekmic Acum 4 ore
I'm happy in the outside sad in the inside
YaBoii_Pigeon Acum 4 ore
The reason these are funny is because of the comments that jay says it’s so funny 😂
Lilly Fonseca
Lilly Fonseca Acum 4 ore
And I already had high school simulator
ismail pekmic
ismail pekmic Acum 4 ore
my nose is stuffed to Jay
Jordan Grooms
Jordan Grooms Acum 4 ore
60-second Jordan challenge (no edit challenge) < whatever you wanna do Jay. - Get all the family members, including pancake and as much food and water as you possibly can. - You have to send them out in order, pancake, Timmy, Marry Jane, Ted, and Deloris. - Get (bug spray, flashlight, the gun, must have the lock, radio, and the Gas mask and, the medkit and the map and checkerboard to keep Teds happy A** good. - Play on tsar bomba mode. - Do not get the (KUBZ SCOUTS) book do not get playing cards or ax. - do not open the door for anyone, don't even get the suitcase I swear to Budha Jay I WILL SLAP YOU if you do (try to get the military ending). - Must get out of the house before 60-seconds is up if not possible then it's alright you don't have to. -Good luck Jay and you truly are THAT DUDE. And let the 60-seconds challenge begin. LOVE YA JAY NO HOMO.
Chen Ying Wee
Chen Ying Wee Acum 4 ore
And another weird thing kubz scouts dodnt said was the alien surgeries he only said the patient alien
Hannan ji
Hannan ji Acum 4 ore
I have a feeling hajime is the ultimate despair
StarSech Acum 4 ore
Get well soon Jay!
Chen Ying Wee
Chen Ying Wee Acum 4 ore
Spoiler : There is an easter egg true one at the bottom corner of the movie theater
Savannah Avent
Savannah Avent Acum 4 ore
…………………… …………………… ……………………………………………………. ……………… …………