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Danganronpa has twists for it's twists...a secret student was hiding in the school the whole time & the 5th class trial begins...
Danganronpa game link:
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Monette Bartolabac
Monette Bartolabac Acum 19 ore
Okay, this is me before everything happens of the rest of the video, first of all when Jay was voice lining the part "Silent prayer" after than I was ready to see was inside. And then it cut off by an AD!!! An AD!! ;-;
Spookie Acum o Zi
Ok but can we appreciate that he went through the recording process twice, which is HOURS of recording, and then took the time to summarize it and everything ;^;
ellie jelly
ellie jelly Acum 2 Zile
This is my first time watching the gameplay! But it's completely fine i understand fully Jay, your summary was very clear and it was easy to follow along!
Cadence _
Cadence _ Acum 2 Zile
It’s here! Thank you!
if you guys wanna know what happen go to the serious version of it
CHOSHASHI bsp Acum 3 Zile
I would just quit youtube if this happened to me 0:10
Wallace Walter
Wallace Walter Acum 3 Zile
Men... the despair this people felt waiting for the next video must have been really intense, Ms. Mstermind would’ve been sooo jealous.
Janet Baman
Janet Baman Acum 3 Zile
I see, they've been living some kind of school game show, fascinating
Dontbepoopy Acum 4 Zile
Danganronpa turned from highly interesting killing game, into a whole investigation on a game show
Headmaster monokuma
Headmaster monokuma Acum 5 Zile
Strawburry Milk
Strawburry Milk Acum 9 Zile
6:48 Shut up Makoto, acting like he hasn’t been an errand boy for the all the past chapters
Le Animator
Le Animator Acum 10 Zile
Fun Fact: that big flower in the garden is called a corpse flower and it smells like a dead body
Emmkawa Acum 11 Zile
stopped at 47:49 will come back
Ben Vogelpohl
Ben Vogelpohl Acum 12 Zile
"I'm just gonna call it the truth bullets notebook again" Biggest lie ever lol
Kill Me
Kill Me Acum 13 Zile
Okay but Byakuya x Makoto
Alyssa Longos
Alyssa Longos Acum 13 Zile
Even one of the chickens is his bro
Lynn Claywood
Lynn Claywood Acum 14 Zile
Jay: ok im gonna start saying Truth Bullets Section again Jay, immediately: TAKATAKATAKATAKATAKA SWHOOSH PEW PEW BANG BANG BANG RATTATATATATA-
Ushi friendly
Ushi friendly Acum 14 Zile
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus Acum 14 Zile
'every once in a while when mokoto was investigating, he will flip out and start making chicken sounds'
Yssabelle Diaz
Yssabelle Diaz Acum 14 Zile
Game: One chicken has disappear Me who's eating chicken for dinner: 😐
lonely lie
lonely lie Acum 14 Zile
Honey bear
Honey bear Acum 17 Zile
King of recap
husbandos goes brrr-
husbandos goes brrr- Acum 17 Zile
Crazy Diamond axe i want that XD
Leila Wilson
Leila Wilson Acum 17 Zile
everything is good always because he says the buckle up thing too bad idk what the place is in the beginning (unless it shows/tells later on) o it do
Sara Castillo (Student)
Sara Castillo (Student) Acum 18 Zile
nobody: jay: *haha gun go pew pew*
からさきKati Acum 19 Zile
this is the first time i saw byakuya shocked
azre rero
azre rero Acum 21 o Zi
Online class is a danganronpa reference, well...
Aleena Nawaz
Aleena Nawaz Acum 21 o Zi
he really did just rerecord for us like twice. b r o
grace Acum 23 Zile
if you are someone who has never played the game or never watched the anime and are upset you didn’t get to see the footage. i suggest you watch the anime, the same stuff happens except it’s just like watching a show with voice acting instead of the visual novel format of the game.
Tracy Minaj
Tracy Minaj Acum 24 Zile
Wild Lion Girl
Wild Lion Girl Acum 24 Zile
10:50 marking my spot
Pinkielilz 18
Pinkielilz 18 Acum 26 Zile
wait.. i’m new to danganronpa but aren’t those junkos nails and boots??
Kokichi ouma
Kokichi ouma Acum 27 Zile
Iris Canbaz
Iris Canbaz Acum 27 Zile
Basically Thea
Basically Thea Acum 28 Zile
aaaaannndd He misses His bro bro chicken edition and the other one was taka edition btw he misses that butter too u know what i mean ;) hehehehe 30:15 --- this is not related to the chicken and taka
olrina jhynise
olrina jhynise Acum 29 Zile
byakuya: the mastermind is the new student and they're dead me who knows what happens: you're on the right track but you're *WRONG*
Bandit Basket
Bandit Basket Acum lună
Gacha xXNightShadeXx
Gacha xXNightShadeXx Acum lună
i live for jay's sound effects :3
Truce Truce
Truce Truce Acum lună
Guys, if you're really THAT pissed about the missing parts why don't you just 1. Pause the video 2. Go lookup a Danganronpa walkthrough (it will take you like five minutes to find the part, it's right at the end of Sakura's trail ) 3. Watch that (take however long you'd like) 4. Come back when you're done 5. Like and watch the video
Charlene Acum lună
Toko: Female Simp
chels Acum lună
This is my very first time experiencing a Danganronpa game, and just by looking at the dead student’s body in this episode, I could already tell who the mastermind possibly is. The red fingers nails and the boots gave it away.
Kassandra Eguia
Kassandra Eguia Acum lună
8:58 Add pops up
jichu’sTea Acum lună
Ikusaba was already dead in the first place coz she was Junko’s sister who had disguised as the real Junko
Ayla Malkav
Ayla Malkav Acum lună
even the first time i saw this part i could tell that 1. those were junko's boots and nails, and 2. the victim was obviously mukuro
AsianPotatoes BeAngry
AsianPotatoes BeAngry Acum lună
Bro why did they have to explode? Doesn't this just prove that Monokuma did sth to them Btw 95% of the comment section is abt the likes
joey_ _jj
joey_ _jj Acum lună
Okay, I'm watching this series and I can't believe it. Someone tell me please. DID KYOKO ACTUALLY DIE????????
CandleLighter Acum lună
choco cweam Sandwich
choco cweam Sandwich Acum lună
Jay: okay I'll just say truth bullet section. Also Jay: BRRRRRRRA BAP BAP BAP!
Tony Turtle
Tony Turtle Acum lună
I see sayake innthe begging and jm like: Why are we still here...just to suffer?
Froggi Acum lună
I Kinda had a feeling you were going to re-record the gameplay and then just put your audio over it but eh.
Cadence Oyler
Cadence Oyler Acum lună
I think I found a loophole in the whole " breaking down doors is prohibited" thing. All you have to do is pick the lock, or make a makeshift key. If you do that it's not "breaking" down the door, just picking the lock and opening the door or using a makeshift key to unlock the door and opening it! They should have just done this and they wouldn't be "breaking the school rules"!😲😰
sparkling.kwawii. levi
sparkling.kwawii. levi Acum lună
I love how everyone in the comments are so pressed about this video reaching 50k likes I mean jay did not one but too retakes of this video and instead of lying and acting he told us the truth because he really loves and cares for us just as much as we do jay you really are that dude.
Ender Kisera
Ender Kisera Acum lună
Mukuro Ikusaba
Faye Acum lună
Oh... I remember that room... I remember what happened to that room Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill!!!
Von Pumpkin
Von Pumpkin Acum lună
Jay: I'm just gonna call it "Truth Bullets" Jay, every time: Skrrrratatata
Kittua Acum lună
Damn, that sounded like a good ass episode 😔
༄Leon Kuwata༄
༄Leon Kuwata༄ Acum lună
Dennis Bernard
Dennis Bernard Acum lună
The fact that Yasuhiro didn’t realize that he was talking to monokuma is funny
Peighton Whitley
Peighton Whitley Acum lună
so about 75 percent of the danganronpa says the like Toko, but really 50 out of that 75 that says they like her actually like genocide jack.
-Nagito Komaeda-
-Nagito Komaeda- Acum lună
The fact that Jay Went through to do so Much For us,and yet people are mad that he didnt play through it,yet,he still went through the Point to Explain it,Apologize,Record it 3 times,You should be grateful
My doggo barks
My doggo barks Acum lună
4:56 if yall are lazy to skip just click dis, yw
xNoktemAeternus2 Acum lună
Lol what if they're on a game show........lol
Harrielle Bernard
Harrielle Bernard Acum lună
Crazy diamond jojo get it get it (jojo fans will get it)
chickennoodle 4308
chickennoodle 4308 Acum lună
hellish Acum lună
My heart hurts just seeing the flashback of everyone still alive and together especially Mondo and Taka :,)
Dreamer B
Dreamer B Acum lună
Damn recording for hours and finding out that it's not working is probably a gamer youtuber's worst nightmare. I know I'm already late but let's just appreciate how he recorded again and again just for us 😔👏👏👏
Angela Ly
Angela Ly Acum lună
GanTGAC Acum lună
Melina Acum lună
Byakuya's pouty thinking face gives me life
Bookiez Acum lună
Am I the only one who noticed the vibe of the game is ruined because Sakura died?
Vernissa Choong
Vernissa Choong Acum lună
almost 1 hour
Villain Deku
Villain Deku Acum lună
Heehee :) i watching this while doing class work to >:3
Brookie J
Brookie J Acum lună
The classroom filled with blood is because junko started the student council to kill each other in that classroom thats why it's so bloody
Onlywolfjax Acum lună
Me: Kyoko: Hey Mokoto, pack ur things were going to Taco Bell.
Boba Ouma
Boba Ouma Acum lună
kubz sadly a very important thing in danganronpa is only found by watching the anime
RandomKidThatAnimates Acum lună
24:40 Spinel: *the....garden...?*
Hana Acum lună
I think the recording glitch mightve been a bit of a happy accident, it was actually kind of a nice break from the dead parts that get a little too drawn out in the game sometimes. Anyway, maybe next time check your recording a few minutes in rather than after 3 hours my guy!
RpM_Prazilex Ł
RpM_Prazilex Ł Acum lună
Is the Crazy Diamond pic a jojo reference?
Rose M. Gottschalk
Rose M. Gottschalk Acum lună
44:20 We all know he lied.
Velcranox Officials
Velcranox Officials Acum lună
I watched another man's series to catch up onto what you couldnt record
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry Acum lună
Okay, rant time about the people in the comments begging for people to like the video so it reaches 50k. When a video has a like goal, it makes me less likely to like the video, and comments begging people to like the video makes me even less likely. ROpost has a system where if you like a video, it gets put into a playlist, so I only like videos that are important to me. To anyone who will complain that a like is the least I can do since Jay creats the videos, the only thing likes will do is tell the algorithm that people are engaging with the video, but do you know what is more engaging? Comments! And I comment a ton (mostly complaining about the like goals and begging, which doesn't encourage many replies unlike discussions about the game). And yes I know the series has finished for this game. It's just really annoying.
Gundham Tanaka
Gundham Tanaka Acum lună
37:10 red blood wtf
Ezra Acum lună
Hey does anyone know a video that I should watched to get filled in on what happened when he didnt record I would look it up but then im gonna get spoilers. Thanks
cactus Acum lună
Okay but like, those red nails..i know junko was supposedly killed in the first episode, but what if she wasn't actually killed? What if she CAN'T be killed? What if she's still alive? I'm probably wrong though 🤷🏼‍♀️
Senikeo Acum lună
I know, I was thinking the same thing
aspenpaws Acum lună
Aditi S
Aditi S Acum lună
Not gonna lie, I am sad that Jay's video software crashed because I'm watching this game for the first time. But I really, REALLY, appreciate that he tried for a second time. That was 3 hrs down the drain, and he still took the time to summarize for us and tried his hardest to give us content. This is why I love him. :)
Frosty Cat
Frosty Cat Acum lună
For anybody who wants to see the missing gameplay, go to lucahjins series here on youtube. start with episode 40 (her episodes are shorter and she explore aspects of the game jay doesnt often show) and watch until about 4 minutes into episode 43. That will get you right to where Jay left off.
Dice Art Studios
Dice Art Studios Acum lună
Oh my gooood tbe fake nails look like junkos! (This is my first time guys gimme my moment, dont comment saying rude things, okay? I feel smart.
chan &gaming
chan &gaming Acum lună
Jacklyn Cervantes
Jacklyn Cervantes Acum lună
I can't find the previous video that his talking about in recap, last time I watch this series is Sakura's Class Trial..and I feel bad about it..
Calíah Glymph
Calíah Glymph Acum lună
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jay? Like.. he takes so much time out of his day to record videos for us... and going back to back with recordings the are trimmed, and edited but are take so many hours out of his day.. it’s complicated for ROpostrs to even make a double upload.. he works so hard all the time, I love you Jay 🥺❤️✨
Korekiyo Shinguji
Korekiyo Shinguji Acum lună
The amount of resources used, is ✨ *ASTRONOMICAL* ✨
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado Acum lună
Makoto: "I was sick..." Byakuya: *Splish Splash your opinion is trash*
Garded Diamond zombie
Garded Diamond zombie Acum lună
37:05 do not say anything of this room is a major spoiler alert
Gureiyu no Kami
Gureiyu no Kami Acum lună
You gotta love this dude he recorded everything again and again for us to be able to watch it since many are waiting. He could have easily said that the recording messed up so he would not be able to upload but man o man SALUTE THIS DUDE
Yolo Yoshi
Yolo Yoshi Acum lună
petition to make jay drop his reaction to mukuro and the body and everything cause i wanna see what he did
Minami Acum lună
Congrats Jay on 50k
annabanana191 Acum lună
annabanana191 Acum lună
Bro just like the video
Em Tail
Em Tail Acum lună
Ah the last student stuff happened hehe nice the tea
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